The Tedium of Winter

The sound of the ice explodes against the hull, loud enough to jar you from a sound slumber. Listening in the stillness it sounds like fireworks underwater. The first steps forward in the morning will have the ice creak and groan some more as your weight shifts throughout the boat ever so
slightly. That is if we are frozen in. It is the heart of winter. The night has grown into day, and we’ll see what the weather has in store. We wake in the dark to make coffee, to get the Boy ready for school. We walk him to school, and then we walk the Dog. We perform our domestics, and our daily musings. We listen to some local radio. ‘Counting Stars’ is our current top forty tune. We will likely shovel snow, and break ice.  We eat lunch. We toil away on the current project. Before long it’s time to pick up the Boy. We laugh, we play, and we read stories. We eat again. All to soon, the darkness has settled, and its time for bed once more. Tick tock. Tick tock. Hours become days and days have become months. Gordon returned from his tug in early December and already we are well into the first days of February. We will do the same tomorrow, and the day after that… But, come April, we’ll be sailing.

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