Sailing in the Time of Corona

The truth of the matter is that we are not sailing, we are firmly tied to the dock. Any inclination to leave the dock at this point, not considering the time of year, is sheer nonsense… where can you go? I have obviously ceased my countdown to the Island. At this point our beloved Island Marina is closed. Indefinitely. It is considered a non-essential service and additionally, is located in a park. Only time will tell when we will be able to relocate from the City to our summer Island home.

For now, we are safe in our winter berth. We are ‘staying home’ to every extent of our ability. Obviously we are walking the dog, and letting the Boy run about to release steam as necessary. Our walks and jaunts outside are otherwise limited, there’s no excursions to the Island or the nearby parks. It’s really tough. I’m going to admit I miss being able to walk out my door and get lost in the city, it just feels intrinsic to get outside in times of trouble. It is highly important however, that we take the perspective that each of us carries the virus, and we have to take every means necessary to prevent it from spreading. It sounds redundant but…

We have also made the decision to limit our exposure to the marina facilities, the building that houses the washrooms, showers and laundry. Sadly, they are only being cleaned once a week. We are really hoping that as the weather continues to improve and warm up, that accessing water on the dock will happen sooner rather than later, allowing us to fill our tanks more often. I am thrilled we are able to shower aboard our boat, but they are short sea showers, minimizing our water use. On a positive note we are unlikely to run out of hot water, and it’s a real novelty to step out of the shower in my own home! I have never minded going ashore to shower, while I will miss the unlimited water, I certainly won’t miss having to wiggle my damp body into clothes in a small communal cubicle.

At this point the Covid 19 pandemic is starting to touch each of our lives on a personal level. Each of us is hearing the stories of a friend of a friend, perhaps even a loved one, that is dealing with the virus, is hospitalized, or has tragically passed. That neighbour, that acquaintance, the doorman… these stories are touching us all, filling us with a myriad of emotions. On the same token we all know someone whom isn’t heeding the advice, the pleas, the Government’s decree to stay inside, to stay home. We have all seen our Facebook feeds filled with memes to stay home, the heart-filled messages thanking our frontline workers, and unfortunately those posts that bluntly flaunt amoral actions.

Our hearts and thoughts are with all of you during these difficult, uncertain times of Covid 19. Be well, be safe. STAY HOME.

Our sincerest gratitude to our Frontline Workers.

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