Happy New Year! 2020

Happy 2020 my dear readers! Thank you for being here, for your readership and for your support. It’s certainly been a while since the last post. It’s hard to believe that we have embarked upon a new decade, and that it’s already been twenty years since the millennium. Where does the time go? Over the past few months I’ve really came to question the ‘being’ of this blog. I had fallen out of the habit of writing, and it also seemed that so had many of my counterparts. The blog links that once filled my social media feeds were becoming few and far between. As a result, my reading of blogs also waned, and then so did my inspiration. I struggle with inspiration, I have been writing about our life afloat for 6 years and we’ve scarcely left the dock, what more is there to write about? I was continually debating my reasons for blogging, and if there was still any purpose, any ‘life’ left in it. It came down to the mere point however, that I simply enjoy writing. I’ve come to realize that I can write purely for the sake of writing, to share my thoughts, my reflections and observations, if not only for myself, but for my Son, and my Husband. Now and down the line.

2020 is the year to see clearly. The connotations to vision are obvious, this is the year to look forward, to see and plan for that next horizon. For me, it’s also about reflection, not reliving the past, but for being grateful for how far I’ve come. What stands out to me most is that my Father has been passed for 20 years, almost half my lifetime. And yet, in half that span of time I’ve become a mother and married. As I said, there seems to be a serene sense of clarity to my life, and while I can’t predict the future, I can clearly see what comes next. This is where the purpose of this blog comes in, to manifest, as we have absolute clarity that we will sail away from the dock. Soon. Dates ebbs and flow, but our vision to sail away grows brighter and brighter each day.

Onwards with this blog I shall go. So standby.

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