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I’m so happy to say we are back on Island time. We have been back to our routine and life aboard our dear Toronto Island for several weeks now. This season has been full of change, as both Gordon and I have embarked on new jobs aboard different vessels this summer. Once again this season there has been an issue with record high water levels, as there was in 2017. We all watched with baited breath to see when these flood waters would crest and we are watching again now for when they will begin to noticeably decrease. I’d like to say that it’s our new routine and the flooding that has put a damper on my writing but no, it’s been myself. I simply haven’t made the time to write. I’ve recently received a few reminders from blog followers and friends that it’s time to update the blog and to pick up with my writing…

You can see there has been a big, or let’s call it a massive gap in the posted dates of my most recent blogs, only a few months or so. I’ve been writing in tidbits here and there but the words have not been flowing by any means. I have a number of posts started but nothing really quite resolved, nothing that I feel is ready to be published. I don’t want to make excuses for myself. Sometimes that’s how life goes, it all ebbs and flows.

If you look back in my blog posts you will see my little feature which I called ‘Monday Muster’… it was an effort to publish regularly and share the moments of our life. I feel that now, our Instagram account has wholly filled that role. It seems redundant to carry on in the same vein particularly when we boast the Instagram widget on our Blog, and since I tend to feature many of my Instagram pics in my blog posts themselves. I’m trying to curb some redundancy, however I do try to share across the various social media platforms as everyone seems to have a preferred one. Ultimately, omitting the Monday Muster has meant less blog posts. I feel it was all awash from there.

I’m finding this is where the joy of Instagram Stories has come into play… it’s a fun way to share the even smaller snippets of our day. I’m slowly familiarizing myself with all its little features, like text and giphs. I’ll remind you that stories are fleeting, and only available for 24 hours. Be sure to catch them while you can. I’ve always taken my photos with my iPhone, since it’s forever in my pocket, and so I’m always snapping away throughout my day. Call me a shutterbug but it’s really quite easy to capture moments and all that catches my eye and then share on Instagram. I do have to add that while my blog posts have been scarce I immensely enjoy the creative process of writing, and with so many aspects of life it’s all about finding a balance. ~

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