I’ve Written This Post Before

There has been a definite lack of posting around here lately and I’m truly sorry about that. As I’ve mentioned before I get bits of inspiration and I begin to write but then the posts never seem to get finished. There’s a lot of editing that goes into my posts, and sometimes I’m just not happy with the piece. Sometimes the words flow easily, and other times not so much. My writting is very much a process. Now looking back at my previous posts, it’s just been too long since the last. 

At this time of year, as we have wrapped up another season on the Island, and relocated to the City again, I feel that I’ve already written this post before. Am I repeating myself when I say the Island is absolutely lovely in the fall months? We have been especially spoiled with gorgeous weather this fall, and the trees were in their full splendor as we prepared the boat to move for the winter ahead. We even postponed our passage by a few days to make the most of the exceptional weather! It was clear and calm when we finally cast off the lines, with the help of GD. Thank you! 

Until we did finally cast off, we continued to commute to school by dinghy, wearing not much more than light jackets and sweatshirts. Gloves on occasion. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the eve of Halloween . Of course, we arrived at our trick ‘or treating locale by dinghy crossing the harbour on a truly stunning evening. 

Now, it hasn’t all been beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and pleasant afternoons, we have experienced some truly wild weather too. When those big fronts pass through they pack a wallop that also has to be respected for its contrasting beauty. This past season has yielded some of the roughest waters I’ve seen in my years on the harbour. 

We are well into November now, and I’m still obsessing though how stellar the weather is. Our neighboring boats are donning their winter shrink wraps, and while we are not quite at that point it’s on our minds. I fear when old Mother Winter arrives she’ll be here to stay. This is one of the aspects I enjoy most about living aboard year round; noting the environment around me, be it wind, water and waves, calm or fierce there’s always beauty to behold within it.

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