Monday Muster

Good gosh, it’s certainly been a while since we’ve last mustered. For a bit of insight as to why, please check out my previous blog post Vacation

Muster Midships!

‘Where’d you go?’ ‘ You didn’t tell us you were leaving’… These were the sentiments we heard upon our return of our staycation. We had gone Island hopping, as I’m enjoying saying, and took Monster over to Hanlans Point Wall, where we have reciprocal docking privileges. It was the weekend following the long weekend, and as I was at work, Gordon motored Monster over to tie her alongside a number of other neighboors and friends also staycation-ing on the wall. One evening we were a wonderful flotilla of six boats!

It was a fabulous weekend of beaches and bonfires! I was working during the days, but it was a perfect summer getaway. 

And then… the Barque Picton Castle sailed into Toronto! I first sailed upon the Ship in 2002, when I joined in Cape Town, South Africa as Trainee Crew and I spent the following 4 months sailing via the South Atlantic through the Carribean to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. I reunited with the Ship and Crew once again in Bali, Indonesia in the fall of 2003. Following that, I then spent the summer of 2004 as Crew during Tall Ships 2004 in various Canadian and US Ports. I hadn’t seen the ship since 2005, and it was simply wonderful to have her visit my home port. It was equally wonderful to relive so many memories, the ship came alive with all the voices and faces of those I had sailed with. 

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