As we merged into the summer of 2016 it was simply time to go sailing. One waits all Winter, and then through an arduously long Spring to shake out a vessel’s canvas. We had been preparing the boat and the rig, bending on sail, readying ourselves all week for Sunday. On that beautiful Father’s Day Sunday we went sailing! We had the company of D & E, Gordon’s parents, and our dear friends G & AM and their son N. With a light breeze we left the dock. 

We motored out the Western Gap and headed south to Gibralter Point and headed for what turned out to be a glorious wind line. Up went the sails. Before we knew it we were clipping along at 4.5 to 5 knots heading East around the Island. Everyone was out on the Lake that afternoon, likely escaping the heat wave ashore, and surely taking advantage of a sweet summer afternoon’s breeze. Our guests mingled on the aft deck. 

Our many and sincerest Thank You’s to P, A, L & S for capturing all of these sweet photos of Monster under sail! 

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