Back to the Island

What a difference a week can make. One day we are wrapped and cozy enduring the winter. A week later the shrink wrap is a thing of the past. The bright blue sky and beautiful spring light are shining into the boat. We can hear birds chirping. And the sound of engines, boat engines that is, as traffic upon the water has only steadily increased as the warmer days slowly come upon us. Slowly. 

Less than a week later we are docked upon the Island. Our homecoming to the Island is inherent with excitement. Our Boy seems to look forward to our Island return as much as he does to Christmas. For me, it’s certainly the best day of the year. 

As we head into our third year on the Island we still marvel over the serenity of it all. The silence, the beauty of nature.  I woke up our first morning, it was overwhelmingly chilly, but I was full of happiness to be home again. I noted that our boat, secure in her dock, is not only surrounded by water, but by trees as well. When you live under the plastic shrink wrap all winter it is still a novelty to look out the window and take in the scenery. Now that we are on the island I enjoy it all the more. It’s pretty quiet still, especially during the week. The docks are filling up daily with boats. We are reuniting with friends, establishing a new yet familiar routine. 

Welcome Spring, and bring on Summer! 

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