Monday Muster


So much has happened during my self imposed blogging break. There were several events that fell before and during March Break, and Easter as well. Here’s a few pictures to play catch up! 

Muster Midships!


Spring is here! These were the first crocuses I witnessed starting to bloom. Now, the daffodils are not far behind, and will likely bloom in the next couple days. Then came the snow. 


Our boy is über lucky to get a tug boat ride either to or from school time to time. 


It seemed March Break arrived so quickly, and fortunately the weather was on our side. We visited this great pirate ship playground at Cherry Beach. 


My Boy and I spent a fantastic day at the Art Gallery of Ontario during their March Break Madness. There were so many great activities and exhibits to explore. I imensely enjoyed sharing my artistic passion and past with Boy. 


We recieved this postcard from Behan and her wonderful family aboard Sailing Totem. It arrived all the way from the Island of St.Helena in the South Atlantic in a mere 10 days! I think I may have to write a little bit of something about my own visit to St.Helena in the time to come. 

I was thrilled to be able to assist my oldest and dearest friend K at this year’s One of A Kind Show, where she peddled some fantastic gourmet ice pops. Creamy, fruity or boozey, there is a flavour for everyone! Watch for The Pop Stand at markets and festivals around Toronto and beyond this summer! 


I never have the same view across the harbour, every day, every hour, even every minute, it changes. My Island countdown has gotten REAL! Less than a month now… And I’ve realized there is  such a dichotomy between our winter city life and our summer island life. I think it’s another post in the making. 

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