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As we moved into the new year, and I passed the milestone of writting and contributing to the blog for over two years, it was high time to step it all up a notch. First, I opened a Facebook Page for us and second, I was ready to buy our domain. After a great deal of thought, and suggestion, I opted to purchase our .com domain through WordPress. In doing so, it meant that I would have to switch my blogging platform from Blogger, and what is now our old blogspot address. Simply said, I couldn’t be happier with the results and the decision I made! 

Looking back, I now view our Blogger page as somewhat dated. Did I mention I am really über happy with the professional looking results and that sparkle of polish that our WordPress site now presents? Initially, I was very fortunate to have a friend help me with the set up of a WordPress Account, and the actual importing of my precious blog and all its posts to my new site. I find these types of computer actions absolutely nerve wracking and terrifying! Once everything had been switched over, I faced the learning curve of WordPress. I should admit that I didn’t ever utilize Blogger to its full extent. I set my settings and theme to reflect a simple layout based on the adage of less is more. The lack of knowledge about building a blog and a website kept me at this point. At that time my foray into writing and the blogging world was its own learning curve. Heck, I had no idea then what a widget was! I had no expectations of growth so I never persued Blogger any further. However, that foray unknowingly assisted me with my latest familiarization with the in’s and outs of Worpress. Still, as I continue to explore and learn it’s ways, new ‘doors and windows’ are constantly opened. Such language as primary and social menus, parent pages, child pages, featured images, are just a few of the new lingo I’ve acquired. Slowly but surely they are making more sense, and I’m able to utilize their functions on our website. 

WordPress offers endless options for themes, the first step in deciding the overall look of your website or blog. Then from there you can customize to your hearts content with menus, widgets, layouts, colours, images etc. I began with the Edin theme, quickly switching to the Sela theme. The Sela theme, after playing with it for a few weeks, and attempting to customize it, soon felt like a big house without any furniture. To make the most of all the great features it offered I needed more content, which I just didn’t have. I have since finally settled on our third theme. With Boardwalk I finally came to the point where I feel our website and overall look is complete, much like a painter decides his painting is done. There are a few more additions and tweeks to come, but it’s more about content not the general appearance. I’m currently toiling away on images and text for our Crew page. 


One of my main motivations for switching to Worpress was the Wordspress App itself. I’m am iPhone user, and am currently using an IPhone 6, I’ve had both a 4 and the initial 3. I appreciate the convenience of my mobile device! The Blogger app, well, it was limiting. I found it easy enough to write and compose, import pictures, save drafts and publish. Here it ended, that was as much as the app offered. In the two plus years of using it there was not a single software update, which leads one to question the longevity of Blogger. It is day to night of a difference in using the WordPress app. With it’s regular updates one can now entirely purchase a domain, customize and build an entire website all in the palm of your hand. Not to mention the ability to view and reply to comments! This in turn has turned by blogging world upside down. For the better! 


Switching to a new platform hasn’t been without its challenges. I’ve already mentioned the new terminology I had to learn, which seems to go hand and hand with developing your site. Although I find WP very intuitive and user friendly, my lack of familiarity with the terms sometimes hindered my progress. Several times I came to the point where I just had to walk away from the computer. However the support that WordPress offers is second to none. Not a page will pass you by in your dashboard, that there isn’t at least one link, or a pop up directing you to support or  a how-to page, or a contact form for help. Online tutorials and videos are endless. And, on this note, I should now contact those Hapiness Engineers with a few queries of my own. 

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