New York Minutes, the Other Days

Since it’s Throw Back Thursday I thought I’d share a follow up post about our visit to New York City for the American Thanksgiving Holiday….

Day two of our recent trip to NYC found us stiring out of bed at 5:30 am, and headed for the subway by 7:00. We were pretty excited to be heading downtown to Columbus Circle for the Macey’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! We headed out early to ensure a good viewing spot, as the parade began at 9:00 am at the North side of Central Park. Attending the Macey’s parade had been on my bucket list for some time. Before we departed TO I had several friends comment, arn’t you nervous about attending such a big event in a big city? But, to be honest, I tried not to give it too much thought. I prefer to direct my energy and thoughts towards the positive aspects of our world. You have to believe in the good. And, to see those big silly character balloons come floating down the steets of a massive city, that has also come to a massive standstill, is certainly energizing and uplifting!

The other days of our getaway involved a visit to the beautiful New York City Botanical Gardens, as well as a walk upon the Highline. We certainly lucked out with great weather over the week!
Our visit to the Botanical Gardens coincided with the Holiday Train Show. While the park itself was beautiful, and very much reminded me of our Toronto Islands, the exhibit was truly wonderful. Featuring model trains that meandered through the tropical conservatories and past dozens of miniature replicas of New York City’s most known landmarks and architecture. The replicas were all exquisitely constructed of bark, twigs, and all sorts of natural materials.
I highly recommend a visit to the Highline on your next trip to the Big Apple. The Highline is a public park built upon an old freight train line that is elevated over the city. It’s full of gardens, public art, various vendors, and hosts all types of different events through the the year.
What are your must see’s while in the Big Apple?
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