A là Bicyclette

It’s here. The cold weather of winter is finally upon us. And here we are in the month of January and we are still riding our bikes to and fro just like it was July. The weather until now, has been incredibly, if not worryingly, mild. The past two winters have  been brutal, and while we have had the odd cold spell, this winter has been downright balmy. Too balmy to put the bikes away! 


 The preferred mode of transportation on the Toronto Islands, our summer home, is none other than a bicycle. To be honest, the Islands claim to be the largest car free urban area in North America. Regardless of whether this is true or not, any self professed Islander has and rides their bike around the island and routinely ferries their bike across the harbour, usually with a trailer in tow for provisions. 

Now, as we are situated City side, we still favor our bikes as our go-to mode of transport. We choose not to own a car and instead we’ve been trying out a number of the ‘new-to-us’ bike lanes to get about. There was a major revitalization of Queen’s Quay this past summer and a fabulous bike lane was introduced. For us, it’s like a super highway, a clear straight path along the harbourfront. It’s particularly ideal for getting the Boy to the Ferry Docks for school. Other than those of whom just don’t understand the traffic separation schemes, and those that think it’s the Tour de France and race along at break neck speed, our daily cycle along the waterfront is rather enjoyable. Now with traces of snow and ice on the ground we cycle a little trepidatiously. We certainly bundle up a bit more, ok, a lot more.  But, bothing beats jumping on your bike to get around town!  

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