A Merry Monster Christmas!

Here aboard Monster, we are all set for the Holidays. Living aboard we certainly have had to downsize the decorations, but we’d like to think we have lots of Christmas spirit! Our recent trip to NYC certainly spearheaded those festive feelings. For us, it’s  all about believing in the spirit of the season. With friends and family we celebrate the year past, and believe in the good things to come in the New Year ahead. It’s about gratefulness, sharing, rejoicing and practicing goodwill to all. Most of all, we enjoy reveling in the magic of Santa Claus of which having a 6 year old allows. 

We have a wee and real evergreen tree that is decorated and all secure on the settee. Well, almost. I think it may need to be tethered from its top to the bulkhead, as our Dog certainly likes to curl up beneath it, testing its steadiness. It’s already experienced a wobble or two, despite its base being screwed down. It won’t be the first tree to topple over. 


For the moment, we have plenty of ornaments to pick and choose from to adorn our lovely tree. We keep all our holiday decorations stowed in our storage locker, and pull them out when the season calls. Eventually, I’ll have to whittle them down, not all will be able to sail with us. As I grew up, my Mum gifted me a ornament almost every year, and i’ve garnered a happy collection. It’s a tradition I’ve continued with our Boy, and along with a few other ornaments from over the years it’s added up to a beautiful tree decorated with memories past. Twinkle lights also crisscross the upper bulkheads, giving our interior a warm cosy glow, that fades from colour to colour. Our stockings hang from the fishing poles as they have before. This year, I finally found my kitschy little Christmas Palm tree. She sits on our table, a reminder, or rather a glimpse into our Christmases to come. 

Of course all our winterizing preparations for the boat herself are complete. The boat is shrink wrapped as she never has been before. I am thrilled, as is the Dog, with the vinyl windows that Gordon added this year, yay for natural light! The bubblers are in place. The ports are shrink wrapped in defense of condensation, as well as our overhead ports which are blocked with styrofoam. Other than the port above our table, as Santa has to enter somehow. 😉 

Our days are fulfilled with holiday activities as we count down to the big day. The Boy is jubilant in opening his Lego Advent calendar every morning. We munch on the Star Wars Gingerbread Millenium Falcon. We made some paper snowflakes. All that’s missing is the snow, though it’s highly unlikely to a be a white Christmas this year with the exceptionally warm weather we’ve been experiencing. 

Merry Christmas to you All! May you enjoy a wonderful holiday season. We wish you every happiness for the New Year. 

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