New York Minutes, Day One

And we’re back from an epic holiday in New York City! I wish I could say we had experienced this adventure aboard Monster. However, she was safely tied fast to the dock with the Dog under the watchful eye of a wonderful Friend and Dog Sitter! Thank you, thank you, thank you Z! 

On Tuesday am we set off for the border in our trusty rental car. To attempt to fly into New York on the busy Thanksgiving Day weekend would be nothing short of insane so we opted to drive. A great road trip it was! Complete with a gas station stop to indulge in tasty American candy and coffee. Wednesday, a sunny morning in the Bronx greeted us, as T & E were our hosts for the week. It didn’t take us long to get out the door and headed downtown for the South Street Seaport and the revered tall ship Peking. After the customary photographs with the ship, just as we had taken 3 years prior for our engagement announcement, we learnt that today, we could tour the decks. I was rather beside myself with excitement!

I stood at the helm, it was all too easy to imagine the massive vessel underway, the rise and fall of her bow as she made way. Images from the movie Around Cape Horn filled my head; sailors aloft and about the deck, the dog running about, wind in the rigging. While I have experienced the pleasure of square rigged sailing aboard the Picton Castle, nothing can quite compare to what it would have been like to sail upon the 377 ft. Peking in her day. My moments aboard were truly magnificent and unforgettable. Especially witnessing my Boy run about her decks. If you havn’t seen the movie Around Cape Horn, narrated by Irving Johnson, I highly suggest you do so. The Peking’s days at the South Street Seaport in NYC are limited as the ship will soon return to her home country, Germany for a massive refit.
One of the best parts of visiting New York is meandering through her streets. I feel redundant in saying that there is so much to take in; the sights, the sounds, the constant buzz of activity in the city that never sleeps. With it being Thanksgiving weekend the Christmas season was quickly unveiling itself with holiday decorations galore.


And there is more to come! Please standby for a second post of our New York Minutes.


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