Monday Muster

Muster Midships!

With the blast of weather that blew in over the weekend, I’m already missing the hot summer days. The tune ‘Let’s go the Ex!…’ is still playing in my mind. I’m harkening back, as on the Friday of the long Labour Day weekend that’s what we did! It had been  years since either Gordon or myself had been to the CNE, the Canadian National Exhibition, also known as the Ex. It marks the end of summer here in Toronto, and we thought it would be a great way to treat the Boy before school started the next week.

After indulging in a less than ideal breakfast of waffles and ice cream in the Food Building, we headed for the Skyride. It was a leisurely ride with an excellent breeze, high above the crowds and festivities we rode. We soaked up the lay of the land and planned what to do next. Let me tell you all those colours, sights, and sounds are a lot to take in! I should have taken more pictures but in the heat of the day, and the thrill of all the moments I wasn’t overly snap happy.


I did however, win my Son a midway prize! I even upsized it for him with a successive win and he is as pleased as punch with his stuffed donut! We also managed to squeeze in a couple of the performances presented, the Super Dogs, and the Boy’s favorite, the Parkour Demonstration. It was a fantastic day, and the start of a yearly tradition!

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