Another Day in Paradise


Already the month of September is nearing it’s close. It seems to have gone so fast. With the Boy back in school, we quickly fell into a routine and then the days and weeks just flew by. We have been so fortunate to have had some fabulous weather, the past week the warm sunny days have been oh so gorgeous! 



Fall is definitely upon us. The beach days have come to an end, and the Island itself is much quieter with a definite lack of tourists. Not that we are complaining. 😉 Centerville Island Amusement park is open only for a couple more weekends, and we made excellent use of our season’s passes. There is no denying that the leaves are starting to turn, and the evenings have grown cool and dark. We have even had to put on the heater for a spell or two. 

Alas, we have also had to start thinking about the cold months ahead. Our winter dockage at Marina Quay West is already sorted. We will continue to liveaboard through the winter, with this winter ahead being our 3rd! Ideas for Halloween costumes have also entered our conversations, and in the days after the haunted eve we will make our migration north to the City side. Until then, we are reveling in our Island paradise, incredibly grateful and thankful to live such a lifestyle! 

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  1. As much as I dislike winter, I just LOVE fall. The crisp air, the turning leaves… but I have to admit that I'm looking forward to heading (south) for our boat at the end of November! I won't miss winter at all!

    I'm just here stalking your page from WWS, because you sounds as crazy and awesome as my real life friends! 🙂


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