The blog has been rather slow of late. It’s not that I havn’t been writting, it that’s I havn’t written anything blog worthy. I seem to be short on inspiration. Posts have been started, and I’ll work on them in spits and spurts, but they never seem to add up  to anything more. I don’t want to post just for the sake of posting. With summer winding down and fall coming upon us, seriously way toooooooo quickly I must add, the change of season may just inspire some more activity here. 

If only I could be 6 again, as my Son, having just turned 6 is absolutely teeming, brimming over the very tippy top, with imagination. Perhaps there is a machine, a gadget, a whatchamacallit of sorts that can take his endless energy and ideas, stories, tall tales galore and transform then them into usable material. It would be very Seuss-like indeed. Where my Boy finds the inspiration for his daily scenarios is inspiration in itself. It’s without a doubt smile worthy, and fascinating to see what comes out of his engagements with Lego, Pokemon, Super Heros, and especially the sticks and rocks that he collects to no end. Yep. I need a thing-a-ma-bopper than I can input his imaginings, and out will come great thoughts and inspiration as well as brilliant content for this here blog. 

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