Monday Muster

It’s time to start posting on my dear blog here with a lot more regularity, and so I’m happy to introduce a new feature I’m calling ‘Monday Muster’! Call it a roundup of several photos I’ve taken over the week, and in most cases they may have been already been shared on Instagram. Perhaps a few quips about our going-onses will be included too. If you are not already following us on Instagram please do so! Our username is :: goodshipmonster.


I am hoping to connect more often with you my readers, and potentially with some new readers, by posting on a weekly basis! A picture says a thousand words so I hope to entice you, so….
… Muster Midships!
^^ At play aboard the Empire Sandy.
^^ Adventure through the Island Lagoons.
^^ My boat kid.
^^ Captain John’s. Once a fixture on the TO Waterfront. She won’t be around much longer.
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