So it Begins…


So it begins, another season on the Island! Yahoo! It would be an understatement to say that I, or rather, we, are not excited to relocate to our Island home. Our winter city side was cold, snowy, icy and rather uneventful. I can say we fulfilled our days just as everyone else going through the motions of life. We have also been reflecting upon the fact that the end of April marked one year since we sailed from Belleville to return to the big city of Toronto. A year later, we won’t hesitate to say that it was a great decision!

With our return to the Island comes some change to our routine, however it’s a return to a familiar routine. Once again we will work, school and reside on the Island. A bit of paradise, and a small town in an otherwise big hectic city. With Toronto hosting the Pan Am Games this summer, the City will be teeming with busy-ness. Until that onslaught we are just reveling in the peace and serenity that accompanies being on the Island.


We happily motored our way across the harbour on the warm, sunny first weekend of May. Dear friends P & K joined us for the quick jaunt to the Drydock where we re-rigged our mast. Our indebted thanks to G, I, P & K for all of their help. I have to say I feel much better when our boat and mast are one, and not on distant shores of our harbour. 
It was a fabulous weekend to return to our home, to renew our friendships of last summer, and to look forward to the summer sailing season ahead! Now that it is finally here 😉


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  1. Hey! I take offence to the non-eventful!

    We had ice and snow…and more ice!

    And you got to meet new friends!

    See you at the island and on the water…you know us by the 15 fishing rods on the boat!

    Nadine and Jim


  2. It was great seeing y'all now that Big White is back in her summer berth and look forward to seeing you throughout the summer out on the harbour.

    Fair winds to all who sail the Good Ship Monster 😀


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