Slow Down

In by last blog entry I remarked how I felt I was always wishing my life away. While ‘wishing’ may have not have been the most ideal word I could have used, the sentiment that I often find myself looking to what is next, particularly when it comes to the warm versus cold seasons, sailing seasons, holds true. My days are really not occupied with mindless summer daydreams but rather with the ongoings of everyday life. Make coffee, get the Boy to school, errands, groceries, laundry, pick the Boy up from school, work, and oh, what’s for dinner, and dishes. Always lots of dishes. Add in the usual ship checks too. With the days going through their courses, it seems they pass by quite rapidly. No, it doesn’t ‘seem’ that way, they do pass quickly. Wasn’t Christmas just last week? and now what to do on March Break is a topic of conversation. So really, where does this time go? On the other hand, these bitterly cold days of February feel endless and I’m hopelessly longing for summer. What a conundrum. 

It’s dawned on me in the past few weeks that nothing marks the passage of time more than the growth of our Son. He’s about 5 and a half now. Already. Some days I just want to squeeze him up and not let go. I have even asked him to stop growing in an attempt to savor the moments. Every age is truly the best. I’ve recently taken to writting down all the super cute things he says. It may just be that I’m more aware by recording his Boy-isms, but they are tending to occur more frequently. I should have started sooner. As I write now in the middle of the night, (as I tend to do) he has since climbed into our bunk and his elbow rests on my chest, moving there from my ear. I hear him breathing. He kicks off the blankets. It is beyond fulfilling, it’s a wordless emotion, to watch him grow, experience and learn new things, and develop into the amazing person he is becoming. Every day brings something new. Why is it all happening in the blink of an eye? I look at friend’s pictures of their newborn babies, growing toddlers, and precious baby bumps and shake my head with wonder how it all passed so fast. I have pictures galore to mark all the milestones and birthdays, and everything in between. The school pictures too, are starting to accumulate. One day, I know he’ll stop climbing into our bunk in favor of his own. No, I don’t wish my life away. What I really want is for it to slow down. 
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