Season Two

It’s the time of year when I start seriously pining for sun and warm, stinking hot sweltering days. I read recently that we are now in the dead of winter, a period when the average temperature doesn’t drop nor does it climb. There’s nothing but cold on our horizon. Thus, my countdown to our Island return has begun…  

I sometimes feel that I am wishing my life away, always looking forward to what is next. It seems like a natural feeling in the dead of winter, when everything is so stagnant. While there is something to be said for the beauty inherent in all the ice and snow lately, these cold icy days seem like they will last forever. It comes as no surprise that all of our plans, activities and work revolve around nice sunny warm weather. Boat life in general, in our corner of the world, is always centered around one season to the next. Needless to say, I’m in want of the warm season.

Our winter blahs have felt even more exaggerated since all of us here aboard Monster have suffered from one illness after another since the Holidays. January was a long month indeed. The cold weather and our sick selves have meant more time spent indoors than we generally prefer. This time has allowed us the opportunity to ponder all the projects we wish to persue on the boat. Perhaps I’m just beginning up go a bit stir crazy, but I’d really just like to get going on said boat projects. It’s just not so easy to be patient on the weather!

So, here’s looking forward to Season Two on the Island. Only 77 days to go and counting! 
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