Our Top 5 Reason’s Why it’s Good to be a Winter Live Aboard

Winter is here! The temperatures have dropped and the ice eaters are bubbling away. As winter live aboards we have learned to simply embrace the cold harsh weather. It’s not to say we are not pining after warmer temperatures, but we feel that whatever your situation may be it’s always important to look on the bright side. This is our Top 5 reasons as to why it’s good to be a winter liveaboard ::

#1 Outdoor Cooler. Without question this is a general bonus anywhere winter is experienced. When refrigeration, ice making, and electricity are limited, as they generally are aboard a boat, the cold is a win win situation. Wine, Beer, Casserole or Ice Cream. Whatever it may be we just open a port and stick it on deck. 
#2 No Bad Hair Days. Just put a toque on! Easy peasy. No need to muss with ponytails, hair bands or hair products. In these parts toques aka your watch cap are cool until June. 
#3 No need for Sunscreen. Admittedly I still wear facial sunscreen daily. It’s the best anti-wrinkle cream but, there is no need to seek shade. Nor do we have to slather our Son, or myself, head to toe every few hours and endure that endless sticky feeling, or even worse, sunburn. 
#4 Dockside Commraderie. No matter what the weather someone is always outside filling water, breaking ice, adjusting lines, or puttering about. It’s simply amazing how folks tend to congregate outside for dock talk. 
#5 I’m on a Boat! At the end of the day we are still aboard our boats. For better or worse we still feel the wind and the sun, when it shines. We are rocked to sleep at night. No need to say more. 
Bonus reason :: The Scenery. All the snow and ice can make for some pretty stunning scenery. We still experience incredible sunsets, and on those snowy days when the falling snow has dusted all the trees and foliage everything looks so crisp, so fresh, so new. 
In the process of writting this post I learnt yet one more reason. I was climbing out of our cockpit with my sunglasses hung on the neckline of my coat. Wouldn’t you know they would fall off, bounce off the deck and out the scupper. Lucky for me, once I was dockside, there they were sitting on the ice. Yay! 
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