A Christmas to Remember

I hope that everyone is having a truly wonderful holiday! We aboard the Good Ship Monster have had, without a doubt, a most fantastic holiday. It certainly blew in like none other. The winds we experienced on Christmas Eve gusted upwards of 40 knots/ 80 kms. Gordon and I woke with a start around 11:30, and hour after hour we woke to keep watch of our home. Lines, fenders, our shrink wrap… It was a wild night!

This, our first Christmas back in the City, was a great reminder of the magic of the season. We are so happy to have been surrounded by so many Friends, and Family, and even people whom touched us in ways that they may never know. Now that our Boy is of an age where he understands what the season is about, we wanted to share with him it’s true magic. It is a little bit more than the presents under the tree. We have always made it clear that Santa visits purely out of Goodwill, and we wish to impress upon our Son that the holidays are also about Love and Peace, Friends and Family, good food and good times and lastly gratefulness and thankfulness. We feel it is ever important that He understand, in this season of abundance, the importance and the gratification in Giving. With the action of giving, by way of donations, assistance, or however one chooses, those actions in turn will give back. And that IS what is incredibly fulfilling, at least that’s how we feel about it. Our Boy may be a bit young to fully understand this concept, but we are sure He’s seen how our actions of giving have brought smiles to our faces. It’s a perfect sentiment to end the year. 2014 was indeed an incredible year, Thank You to all of you whom have shared it with us.  We wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! 

Cheers to 2015!
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