T’is The Season

The Holiday Season has come upon on us once again, and the countdown to Christmas is quickly approaching! We have already made our customary trek to the grocery store for a wee table top tree. As it’s a real one, we faced the challenge of securing the poor thing on the only space available, the settee. Thereby keeping it safe from the antics of our Boy and nosey Dog??? I can say, with great certainty, that our dear tree is secure enough for a sea passage. Perhaps not the ornaments, but the tree is lashed upon a shelf, screwed firmly to a bulkhead, supported by strofoam, and held firmly in place with heavy duty shrink wrap tape. We have also adorned the boat’s interior with twinkle lights, and once again our stockings hang from the spear & fishing poles. Foil snowflakes dangle here and there reflecting the light, along with the Boy’s recent deconstructed snowflakes that now hang on our bunk side lights. The snowflakes had already had their day, and so the Boy decided to cut them apart and reassemble them to his liking. 

The Boy generally seems more intrigued by the holidays, more so than in years before. He was incredibly excited to decorate the tree, but not so enthusiastic about watching the usual Christmas movies. His Gran’s, in a previous visit, gifted our Son with his annual Advent Calendar. It’s a basket full of parcels all caringly assembled. Each morning, the Boy reminds me we need to undo the days link from the paper chain, usually after tearing into the corresponding numbered package. He has yet to forget a day, and is looking forward to opening certain packages that he has already sussed out in the days ahead. 
On the first weekend of December, the only two children of our marina, one of whom was ours, were treated to a super special early visit from Santa! He came by Police Boat greeting each child by name, and sharing holiday cheer. He even left a surprise gift aboard! It was such a heart warming feeling to see the kids eyes light up with wonder. Thank you so much Santa! 
I enjoy this time of year, the feelings of happiness and togetherness, and reliving memories of Christmas’ past warm me up. We are planning on visits with all the family, we have tickets to a special Christmas Concert and are simply looking forward to enjoying our first Christmas back in the City. 
Happy Holidays! 
~~ This post ‘T’is the Season’ first appeared on goodshipmonster.blogspot.ca ~~

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