1st Blogiversary!

It’s our First Blogiversary! Meaning that I have been writting, sharing my thoughts, and my photos, here on this blog for a YEAR! Woohoo! I feel a great sense of accomplishment in having come to this point. I said in one of my earliest posts that I never considered myself to be a blogger. Now 30 posts later, I ask myself does this still hold true? I will always write and contribute to our blog, firstly, for us, my family. As the year has passed it has been a truly wonderful feeling to see and hear how much our Readers, Friends, and Family, enjoy our dear blog. Thank you soooo much!  I only hope to continue to grow in our readership, and my writting, as we embark on the adventures life has in store for us aboard the Good Ship Monster. 
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  1. Albert and I have settled well in our new cosy AND warm home in NB. Last year aboard Karma was cold. We had some mechanical failures last year with our rudder and with Nathans poor work on the cockpit. Albert had to finish the job and we are looking forward to working on Karma this spring to get her ready for the sail to NB. We hope the boy and dog are flourishing and hope your New Year brings prosperity and loads of fun times. Mary and Albert


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