A Few Good Books

As the long dark days of winter settle in I want to make a serious attempt to lay down my trusty iPhone and pick up a few good books. Reading is a past time I’ve always enjoyed, but these days, I find myself all to absorbed in reading online: news, social media, blogs, etc. I’m missing the joy of picking up a good ol’ paperback, the feel and the weight of a book in my hands, and going through the motions of turning a page. 

One of my main motivations to dive into a book or two is primarily for our Boy. As a budding reader himself, I want him to see me, and Gordon too, simply enjoying reading. I feel it’s a good example to set. Now don’t be mistaken, each of us owns a healthy collection of books, our shelves aboard are lined with many of our favorite titles, and not all of them are nautical! There are plenty more books in storage as well, as not all can be accommodated on Monster. We are regular purchasers of books too, most are usually given and received as gifts. Myself, I tend to only purchase books that I’ve already read and thoroughly enjoyed, as then I’m sure to read it again and again!  There’s nothing worse than purchasing a book and not enjoying it! 

I can’t imagine a better way to while away the upcoming cold winter nights than to be cozied up under a blanket with a book, and a cup of tea. Or a glass of wine. 😉 At the top of my winter reading list is a book by Bernard Moitessier, ‘The Long Way’. A man whom sailed around the world on his sailboat named Joshua. I would also like to continue reading the works of Anthony Bourdain. I currently whittle away on ‘The Nasty Bits’, and every chapter is a serious mouthful. 

 How about you? What’s on YOUR reading list this winter? Any recommendations? 

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  1. Battlefield earth is one of my favorites, last gasp was good..one book that stuck in my head was evolution's shore by Ian McGregor. None of these are sailing books because I doubt I have read one that you have not 😉 The boat that wouldn't float is on my get around to read list.


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