The month of September started all warm and sunny, with some of the hottest days we had experienced all summer. I was calling it Septummer. Today, fall is in the air. There has been single digit temperatures at night. Burrrr. The heater is on standby. Other than the weather, the month has not really brought much change for us, though the Boy has started school once again. Gordon and I continue to work, squeezing out the last hours of the season. I still can’t believe the summer had come to an end.

We are starting to cultivate winter plans in our minds, loosely thinking about all the things we would like to accomplish aboard Monster before the cold comes upon us. It seems odd to be harkening back to last winter already, pondering what we might do differently this year from the last. (In terms of winterizing, to continue to live aboard that is.) The chilly winds are a quick reminder of what lies ahead. 

The Marina is scarce these days. During the week the docks are eerily silent. They seem to echo with the chatter and laughter of the weeks past. On the weekends, the neighborly folks are telling us of their plans to haul out, winterize and shrink wrap. Wait! I say. Summer isn’t over until the 21st! But, I too have packed away the summer dresses, shorts and swimwear that barely saw the sun as it was. Our summer, all to quickly came to an end. At least, the Island and the summer days of next are only a wave away! 

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