The Dog Days of Summer

It’s hard to believe that August has come upon and nearly past us so quickly. It’s even harder to believe that thoughts of our Son heading back to school are running rampant through my mind. As much as I want these these lovely hot (?) sunny summer days to linger, I am already fully prepared to
send our Boy off to Senior Kindergarten. Gordon’s and I’s back to back work schedules have quickly consumed our summer. We were lucky enough to get off the dock to go sailing a couple times these past two weeks. The first, there was no wind and it was spitting rain. We had fun nonetheless. We were able to shake the cobwebs out of the sails and floated about the harbour. After taking in sail we meandered through the Toronto Island Lagoons… It was great to show our Boy this new perspective of the Islands of where we live.

The second sail we embarked upon found us beating out the Eastern Gap for a jaunt around the Island. It was gorgeously sunny, but a bit on the cool side. 

With our work schedules as they are we have also filled our days with fun filled amusements close to home. Here’s a few pics! 

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