Toronto Island Narnia

At this point of the summer the Toronto Island is inundated with activity. Every weekend and often throughout the week, the park is bustling with festivals and events of all sorts. There are people galore, here, there and everywhere. Subsequently, line ups are long for the ferries, the loos and the concessions. It goes without saying that the Island, as a ginormous City Park, is a magical place in of itself. When one boards the ferry, water taxi, tender or whatever floating transport it may be across the harbour to the Island, you can literally feel all your cares and worries melt away. You are on Island time now!

Now, woe is me, that as a gal that lives and works on the Island it can be a little hectic to bike across at peak hours on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon. Like the TTC at rush hour, the main route from our marina across the Island becomes congested like the Don Valley Parkway. My commute to work is slow and tedious as I wind my way through like a salmon upstream. My wee bicycle bell is rendered useless, and riding my bike is futile. I know, poor me. Regardless, work is work, and a commute is a commute.

As I go to and fro at these busy times the Marina gates have hence come to symbolize a portal to my sanity. I pass through, and I am almost home. Where once again all my cares and worries melt away. I leave the mad business of the Island behind. It’s like stepping through the back of the wardrobe…. 

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