This, That & the Other

This is where we are at these days. Living and working on the Toronto Islands, and happy as clams. In many ways Toronto hasn’t changed from when we left the city three years ago, and then again, everything is different. Life has certainly gotten busy as of late, and so it does for everyone when the sun shines and the days grow warmer. I have still been writing a fair bit for our seemingly neglected blog, but not posting with the regularity I once was. Not to worry. I’m on Island time now….

That. That’s what has been going on. Those were some pics from the last couple weeks. Jobs started, sailing adventures, friends visiting, and island excursions…
The Other. The Other being something I would rather not acknowledge, it hurts down deep. Father’s Day. My own Father was killed in a highway accident 15 years ago this coming November. While the years have flown by, the pain and memories of his loss have not subsided in the least. Some folks have a difficult time with the Christmas season, for some it’s Valentine’s Day, and for me it’s Father’s Day. A day I just don’t need the blatant reminder that my Father is my no longer physically present in my life. My Dad wasn’t present to share in my experience of having a Son, of being a Grandfather, nor to walk me down the aisle when I married my dear Husband Gordon. He’s not here to toast my first Captain’s ticket. It’s not to say that there isn’t others in my life that don’t share in these joyous experiences, but some holes simply cannot be filled. There is scarely a day goes by that I don’t think of him, though I imagine my life would have likely taken a different path if he was still with us. My thoughts are with all those gals, my Sister, several Friends, and any of you that endure this day as I do. I am, despite this, eternally grateful for the Father of my Son to whom I send my heartfelt best wishes. Happy Father’s Day Gordon. 
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