When we initially docked Monster here in the Toronto Islands in early May it surely felt that spring was late. The likely sentiment of everyone who endured the long winter. Looking at the pictures from my last post I can see that it looks cold. The trees were still bare and the air held a chill, but this past week it’s finally began to look like Spring, the season we’ve all been looking forward to! The trees have finally bloomed with vibrant green leaves, the grass has grasped its green hue, and the flowers; tulips and daffodils, and many others have finally blossomed in all their glory. At least this is the case here on the Island. We’ve had some good rain, we’ve experienced some good fog, and now the warm weather that leads into summer is here. It will always be a wee bit chillier here on the Islands compared to the city, though this may not necessarily be a bad thing come July.
The park is beginning to burgeon with folks looking for an escape from the city. They are picnicking, barbecuing, playing sports, riding bikes, and it’s all a wonderful sight! The marina is filling up with boats, and we are slowly getting to know all our new neighbors. The warm days finally mean that we can get to work on Monster herself. The uncooperative weather has been preventing us from getting to work on a few big projects, ie. painting our decks, and starting on the bright work. Soon we’ll show her our love, and dolly our Monster up. 😉

This post ‘Spring’ first appeared on goodshipmonster.blogspot.ca

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