Island Time

Here we are. All secure in our new berth, our new home in the Toronto Islands. I’ll say it’s been a bit of a shock to return to the big bright city, overwhelming to say the least but, we are happy. Incredibly happy. I’m still a little in awe every time I look out our galley port to see the CN Tower and the Rogers Center among the many towering buildings that make up the city skyline. All an excellent backdrop unfolding off our stern, especially at night when the city is all lit up!

In the days and weeks ahead we’ll work at getting ourselves settled into our new lifestyle, finding ourselves a new routine, for work, school, and life in general. The past week or so, since we’ve arrived, has kept us busy reacquainting with old friends, visiting a few old haunts, and exploring the Islands! If I may be honest, I’d never really visited the Islands proper, only the occasional visit to Hanlan’s point. I had no idea what a vast, extensive park it is! Not to mention the ‘largest urban car free zone in North America‘! While we have the whole summer ahead to explore, we made a visit to Centerville Amusement Park an immediate priority for our Boy. He was absolutely pleased as punch to ride the Bumble Bees on opening day, in the rain, on these cold early days of May. 
The Toronto Islands hold special memories for Gordon and his family. As a boy, he and his family spent many a summer visiting the Islands aboard their boat MV Romar. Gordon has been fondly recounting his memories of exploration with his brother Travis. He tells tales, to our Boy and I, of Snake Island, the Log Fort, the Haunted Lighthouse, among many others. In fact Gordon and Travis’ father Doug can also recall HIS grandparents living upon the Islands sometime around the 1920’s. With all this family history tied to the Islands it’s wonderful to now call the area home for our Son. We now have all the amenities and benefits the big City has to offer but we live in and enjoy an Island lifestyle. It’s not quite the tropics, but the Island time vibe rings well and true nonetheless. 
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