Still Waiting

I think the title says it all. We are still waiting on the ice to melt completely. As I think upon it, it always seems that us Sailors are always playing the waiting game. Whether it be for ice, weather, tide or season, parts or crew. It’s always hurry up and wait!
This past weekend the sun was shining, radiating her heat. One could visibly see the ice melting out on the Bay. Add some rain, flurries and wind and the Bay is almost ice free. Close enough that full preparations are now underway. The tarp has come off, sails are bent on, sea stowage is happening. This time next week we’ll be sailing! 
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  1. Hi Good Ship Monster. We got the hurry up an wait bug ourselves. Hope to see you on the high seas down the road. Slow and steady wins the race. Best of luck with all your dreams. Mary and Albert from Karma


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