Counting the days that is. While Spring has officially arrived according to the calendar, we’ve yet to really feel it’s full effects. True, I have spotted my first crocuses, and a robin pulling a worm. The snow is melting, streams are running, and the birds are chirping. I have shed my long johns, but the down coat is still part of my daily wardrobe, and it’s just downright silly to go out and about without a toque. Our boat is still wrapped up like a Christmas package, and when I look upon the Bay all I see is ice, ice ice. I am so ready for the ice to melt, if not just for the new subject matter for my Instagram feed. Yes! You can follow us on Instagram, username goodshipmonster.

If I study the Bay hard enough I can discern the different shades of colour where the ice is beginning to thin. Monster floats free and clear of the ice these days, and we’ve had the bubblers off for over a week. We were planning on departing for Toronto in mid-April. By the looks of things that isn’t going to happen, but hopefully soon there after?

I’m hopelessly longing to fill our blog with imagery from our sailing passages, turquoise waters, island adventures, even a dolphin or a manatee. This is supposed to be a sailing blog after all. Reality is we are many years away from such tropical scenery, and I hate to wish my life away, but I’m wishing this winter away. So go now old man winter, shoo, we have things to do and places to go!
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