Marching On…

It appears that March is certainly passing us by, already we are into the final week of the month. I feel quite certain that Spring is in the air, and Spring holds a lot of change for us here aboard Monster. Not just with the obvious changes of the weather and season, but for what lies ahead. It is with great excitement that we’d like to share we are returning to Toronto! We are now in the throes of planning, making lists and getting started on preparing the boat for sailing and the details a move entails. It is the weather that will ultimately determine when we depart, though we are looking at some point mid to late April, once the ice is out. Since the Murray Canal does not open for the season until mid to late May, we will be plotting our course through the Bay of Quinte, Telegraph Narrows, Long Reach, Adolphus Reach,…. and onto Lake Ontario bound for Toronto.  We are also thoroughly excited to be embarking on our Maiden Voyage! It’s been such a long winter, we are so looking forward to sailing and our next chapter.

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