The Project List

Like every new boat owner, or shall I say, every boat owner, or well, every home owner for the matter, we have an ever growing project list. As soon as you cross an item off that list two more jobs to be done are added. I’ve got lists upon lists with side and sub lists within!  Said lists began right
from the get go. There were lists to get Monster ready to launch, and then launched. Lists to get the systems going to live aboard;  water, head, refrigeration, as well as lists of tasks that involved replacing a pump here, an accumulator tank there, a hose here, a clamp there and lists of more parts to be had.

Now that we’ve been living aboard for 3 months, we face yet another series of lists. While nothing on any list has yet to prevent us from living comfortably, it is often a debate what to do next. Necessity often dictates this and hence, we have to prioritize between our ‘Must Do’ list and the mere ‘Cosmetic’ list. I would seriously love to replace the lovely pale pink and plum upholstery of the salon, with a 4 year old and a dog….  However, it’ll just have to wait. Refitting our Boy’s cabin is definitely more important! 

Often with drinks in hand, we’ll ponder how to make the most of our space. ‘How about putting a shelf here?’ as there is some wasted space under the galley counter. ‘A hatch there would turn that shelf into an ideal libation locker’. As it is now, I am seriously coveting a drawer system in our galley locker for all our foodstuffs. It would be so nice to pull out a drawer and just select whatever it is I need as opposed to the blind reach we do now, most often with a flashlight. There are times I could draw a map for Gordon. 

At the top of the ‘Must Do’ list are the 1001 exposed screw heads below decks. Slowly growing offensive to our eyes they are peeking out of all the trim, the bulkheads, the hatches, even the floorboards. They all need to be counter sunk and plugged before we can even think of starting on any interior bright work. All the wood needs a good sand, or a thorough tickle, as I say, and then a lick or two, if not more, of varnish. The white paint needs a refresher, and I am just waiting upon the warmer temps to paint the Bosun’s Stores door with chalkboard paint for the Boy. 
As spring comes upon us we’ll turn our attention to the work list for on decks. I can’t wait to get out a random orbital and start on the woodwork! It will be so incredibly satisfying to restore our bright work. I am already debating what to start with, the cockpit or the gallows? Well, it’s all on the list! and I am, wholly admittedly, a varnish nut. Call it remnants of my art school days but I am truly in my element with tunes going and a varnish brush in hand.

One project always leads to another. Varnish done? Never, but how about that rust busting? This task easily takes me back to my time on the sail training ship Barque Picton Castle. Whilst voyaging the world’s oceans, and learning the ways of the ship, crew trainees, as I once was myself, are also entrenched with her maintenance. One quickly becomes familiar with the chipping hammer. A steel boat and a chipping hammer certainly go hand in hand. Chipping aside, our deck then needs a coat or so of paint. Nonskid as well. Remarkably the sails are in great condition, but the sun patches on the heads’ls require some repair, and the main, perhaps a patch or two. The new bimini needs to be completed. Most, if not all of the electronics, on decks, and below, need to be replaced and upgraded. Which leads me to the electrical panel that still has a label titled Loran, and don’t even get me started on the wiring!

Back to on decks, there is rigging work to be attended to aloft as well. The fierce winter winds we have had have taken away our wind indicator. The Radome has yet to be installed. The spreader lights need to be serviced and one is missing. Lines and winches need to be whipped and serviced respectively too. 

Inevitably, the project list crosses over with, and usually lends itself to the ever important WISH list. It’s a fine line really. My upholstery. I suppose it’s really on the Wish list, as are the galley drawers, the dream Head with teak shower grating, oh, and a teak deck would be just lovely, as would the rig conversion, and solar panels…. Add a new faucet for the galley. Though I do really need a new galley faucet sooner rather than later. At the top of the Wish List, a Water Maker. Oh, where and when does it end? As if those lists are not enough we’ve also started a Maintenance Log and an Engine Room Log, lists of things we’ve already done.  
At some point in time each and every item will make it’s way to the top of the Must Do list, and will eventually be crossed off. We may not be on Island Time, yet, but life aboard our little ship has allowed us to slow down and savour each day a little bit more. Life after all, shouldn’t be about the destination, but the journey, and along the way we’ll begin the most important, if not the best list of all… Where to sail to first? 

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