Tropical Dreams

Here, in Southern Ontario, we’ve been enduring a really cold winter. The frigid temperatures have been dropping to the -30’s with the wind chill.  So what does one do but hibernate and dream of the tropics? Of warm sunny days? And the heat of the summer past? I happily think back to those days
of last August as we began the refit of Monster, when the steel of the deck was simply too hot to touch, when it was even too hot to paint the hull.  We reminisce of our Familymoon to Florida, and Key West, where we camped under the sun, and beside the stunning turquoise waters.  Suffice to say, I am missing the sun and heat as the sea would miss the shore!

Of course, it shall not go without saying, that we also think about SAILING! Thus far, this amounts to only once for us aboard Monster. It was truly a magical day for us when we put out on the bay for our initial SeaTrial.  As I have previously mentioned, the boat sat on the hard for 8 years or so. It was a bit of an arduous task to get the engine going, but much less so to get the boat rigged, and the sails bent on.  We lucked out with a perfect sailing day, and had Gordon’s parents, Doug & Evelyn, join us as our first official guests.  Before we knew it we were clipping along at 4 knots under full sail. Even the dog was smiling! 

Now, as I write, Gordon is outside breaking ice, again.  The condensation, the result of today’s slightly warmer temps, drips around me on our strategically placed tea towels. There are ice fishing huts dotted across the Bay, and even a brave soul, whom we witnessed, drive across the ice in his pick-up truck! Ah well, the beautiful soul warming weather will be upon us soon enough, and we wouldn’t be Canadians if we didn’t complain about the weather. 

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